Commercial Fuel delivery for semis, construction fleets and delivery vans in RI and MA


Delivering On-Road Fuel, Off-Road Fuel and Diesel Exhaust Fluid to RI and MA

Santoro delivers diesel fuel directly to your construction site


On-Road Diesel  We're able to provide Rhode Island commercial fleet managers with ultra-low sulfur on-road diesel. Our close proximity to the fuel terminals, staff coverage, and purchasing power with our suppliers allow us the ability to meet all your fuel needs.

Off-Road Diesel  Our close proximity to fuel terminals provides Santoro Oil with the ability to supply all of Providence & nearby Massachusetts with ultra-low sulfur off-road diesel. Off-road diesel can be used in farming equipment, construction vehicles and equipment, on-site generators, and other applications that do not travel on the highway or over the road.


Santoro Oil has partnered with Howes Lubricator, the leader in fuel additives, to bring you and your fleet total protection, all year long with Ultimate D Premium Diesel Fuel.

Ultimate D Premium Diesel Fuel will take all the guesswork and hassle out of treating individual trucks and storage tanks. Ultimate D Premium Diesel Fuel will arrive treated at the proper rate for the appropriate seasonal conditions. You will get total protection all year long with Ultimate D Premium Diesel Fuel.

Santoro offers Ultimate D for Summer from Howes

Summer Ultimate D

More power, better fuel economy, and less maintenance guaranteed.

Ultimate D with Howes Meaner Power Kleaner has been tested to be effective with today's diesel fuels to reduce injector deposits, increase fuel economy and eliminate water problems all throughout the warmer months.

We use our Ultimate D Summer package from April through October.

Santoro offers Ultimate D for Winter from Howes

Winter Ultimate D

Reduce the incidences of vehicle failures during cold weather.

With a Wax Crystal Modifier, Ultimate D is able to reduce the size and alter the shape of the wax crystals as they precipitate from the diesel fuel in low temperatures.

We treat our diesel with our Ultimate D Winter package from November through March.

Ocean Blue Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF is available in a variety of sizes from Ocean State Oil


Santoro Oil distributes Ocean Blue Diesel Exhaust Fluid which is manufactured by our sister company Ocean State Oil according to ISO 22241 standards and certified by the American Petroleum Institute.v

DEF can increase fuel economy, reduce wear and tar and allow for more power in your diesel equipment.

DEF for Commercial Customers across RI and MA

  • 2.5 Gallon Jugs
  • 55 Gallon Drums
  • 275 & 330 Gallon Totes
  • Bulk Delivery
  • Storage and dispensing equipment available


Fleet Fueling

Whether you're on a construction site for a single home or a new building for an educational institution we have the experience and technology to manage your fleet's fueling needs.

Using state of the art scanning technology we record important information from your fleet or single tank-like hour meter, hub meter, and odometer readings. Using this information you can properly and efficiently schedule future fleet maintenance based on your past usage to prevent any downtime on your most important assets. Your historical fleet usage information can also be helpful for IFTA reporting tracking.

Equipment Loan Rental

Dispensing equipment (Pump and Tank) for Town or City approved job sites and permanent locations (permits are required). Our team can supply you on-demand with fuel tanks ranging from 275 to 10,000 gallons.

Utilizing Satellite Tank Monitoring Systems with customer web access, we can offer you automatic deliveries. We're able to provide commercial fleet managers with either ultra-low sulfur on-road or off-road diesel.

Tank Monitoring

Santoro Oil offers a comprehensive tank monitoring program that allows you to know exactly how much fuel is in your skid tank(s) when the tank gets a delivery and to set up alerts when your tank(s) reaches a level determined by you.

Cellular Monitoring
Mounted on the outside of your skid tank(s) our cellular monitoring technology allows shows how much fuel is left in the tank, shows when deliveries are made, and when fuel is taken out.

The cellular monitor is mounted outside any of your skid tanks and is weather and water-resistant with an IP68 rating, this device is entirely waterproof! We can mount this device on your above or below ground tanks while maintaining a cellular connection over GSM cellular network. With a five-year battery life even with daily reporting, you can trust that you'll know how much fuel is in your tank every single day!

Tank Levels
Enjoy up to the minute tank readings with our tank monitoring system. Using a small transmitter, Santoro Oil and your fleet manager will be able to know exactly how much fuel is in each of your tanks.

Tank Monitoring Features:

  • Configurable scheduled report intervals.
  • Configurable warning and critical alarm thresholds for low and high tank levels.
  • Configurable fill and decompression event thresholds.
  • Configurable dial scaling type (horizontal, vertical, large bulk tank dials, duel oils, CO2, etc).
  • Cellular system information and signal strength indication.
  • Current ambient air temperature.