Propane Fuel Delivery Service

A Reliable, domestic & efficient energy source

Propane provides a total home comfort experience, allowing for the use of one fuel for heating, cooking, clothes drying, and more.

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Propane for Home Heating Rhode Island

Propane for Home Heating

Propane is great for use in boilers and furnaces, offering some of the most energy-efficient heating applications on the market. We're proud to carry propane equipment from Weil-Mclain, Rinnai, and Lochinvar.

Home Comfort with Added Style

Instant comfort and ambiance with a propane fireplace or fireplace insert. Giving you the charm and comfort of a wood-burning with total convenience. No mess, no lugging new logs, and in many applications remote on and off.

Propane for Room Heaters Rhode Island

Room Heaters

Propane room heaters add extra heat to improve the comfort of cold space, such as a garage or three-season room. The warmth is generous, but the cabinet is cool to the touch.

Propane for Hot Water Rhode Island

Water Heater

Propane fired tankless water heaters provide a constant supply of hot water, never worry about running out of hot water during a shower again.

Propane for Cooking & Grilling Rhode Island

Cooking Indoors

Bring the convenience and taste of cooking outdoors, indoors with a propane-fired kitchen stove or range.

Grilling with Propane

Nothing beats the taste and convenience of grilling with propane. Propane gives you an instant flame and the ability to find the perfect cooking temperature, something charcoal can't do.

Propane for Laundry


Propane-fired dryers dry more effectively than electric models, and at a much lower cost.

Propane for Pools & Hot Tubs Rhode Island

Pools & Hot Tubs

With propane, you can heat a pool, hot tub or spa all year long. Your friends and family will appreciate the comfort of a warm pool or a steaming hot tub.

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