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Delivering home heating oil to Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts for over 60 years.

Through three generations and sixty years, Santoro Oil has been delivering home heating oil to the homes of Cranston, Warwick, Cumberland, North Attleboro and the rest of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Today's home heating oil is a clean, efficient energy source that helps support our local community. Our home heating oil is treated with fuel additives that help make your heating system perform better and last longer.

Home Heating Oil Delivery in Rhode Island

Home Heating Oil Delivery

Santoro Oil has one of the largest fleets of oil delivery trucks in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts with our office located in Providence. With licensed and trained CDL drivers we ensure that our drivers are the best at what they do, delivering oil to your home.

Home Heating Oil Bioheat

Bioheat   The Evolution of Oilheat

Santoro Oil delivers #2 home heating oil with up to a 20% blend of Biodiesel more commonly known as Bioheat. Bioheat is a new industry standard for home heating fuel where the natural USA produced blends are added to traditional home heating fuel. Bioheat typically does not change the way your heating equipment runs and requires no additional filters. For more information about Bioheat, please follow the link: santorooil.com/Bioheat.cfm

Home Heating Oil Bioheat

Automatic Deliveries

Santoro Oil offers automatic deliveries to credit qualified customers. We determine your home's energy consumption based upon numerous factors, such as, the size of the home, the number of people living in the home, the age of the home, the age of the heating system, to name a few. This helps us ensure that we know you, your home, and your home heating oil tendencies and can make deliveries when you need them. Last winter this helped us make timely deliveries to our customers during the most inclement weather.


Manage your home heating bills in small monthly payments rather than larger bills immediately after deliveries. For more info follow the link below.
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How to Read Your Delivery Ticket

To better serve our customers we've created a sample delivery ticket with explanations. Click here to view the PDF (167kb) >>>

Santoro Oil Sample Delivery Ticket

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