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Keeping you cool in the warmest months

Santoro Oil recommends Fujitsu and Haier lines of ductless or mini-split air conditioners. Mini-split air conditioners provide the comfort and cooling of a central air unit without the need for ductwork in the home. Many of the mini-split units also provide heat during the cold months to provide year-round use. Mini-split units can work as a single unit or can be linked together to create a central air system similar to that of a duct central air conditioner. Fujitsu and Haier mini-split air conditioners carry Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings or SEER starting at 13 and going up to 27.2.

Fujitsu Ductless Air Conditioners

Energy Saving Program

Fujitsu mini-split air conditioners feature their proprietary the Energy Saving Program or ESP, this system knows when someone is in the room and when you've left. The system will automatically raise the set temperature by 4 degrees for cooling when you leave the room and will return to the set temperature when you re-enter the room. When heating, the ESP system will lower the temperature by 8 degrees when you leave the room. All without changing a single setting. A programmable remote can set four timers per day to allow for energy-efficient cooling or heating during the day.

World-Class Performance

With Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings or SEER as high as 27.2 Fujitsu mini-split air conditioners are among the most energy-efficient available. Mini-Split air conditioners do not use ductwork to deliver cool air, eliminating the energy loss caused by poorly sealed ductwork. The energy lost from poorly sealed or exposed ductwork can account for 30% of your energy consumption.

Quiet Operation

Window air conditioners house all of the necessary parts in the unit, causing a lot of noise pollution. Mini-Split air conditioners have interior and exterior units, allowing for a peaceful inside environment by keeping loud parts like the compressor and motors outside.

Inverter Technology

Avoid energy cycles where your air conditioner rushes to achieve the desired temperature then cycles down to a temperature much higher, only to repeat the process. Fujitsu's inverter allows for the air conditioner to continuously maintain the desired temperature eliminating costly energy cycles. An inverter air conditioner is more economical to operate and allow for much quieter operation compared to traditional units. Air conditioners with inverter can handle higher outdoor temperatures, offering a more stable and smoother operation. Inverter technology mini-split air conditioning achieves 30% more efficiency operation.

Haier Ductless Split Air Conditioners

Haier Ductless Split Air Conditioners

Mini-Split Air Conditioners

With four levels of mini-split air conditioners, Haier has the right unit for your cooling needs. The Ease, Forward, Novel, and Duo/Trio/Quatro feature SEER of 13 in the Easy series to 20 SEER in the Novel.

Haier Easy Series Air Conditioners

Haier Easy Series

The Easy Series is the entry-level model from Haier, offering BTU's from 9000 to 24,000 for the cooling only models.

Self-Cleaning Evaporator: Clogs from dust, dirt, and other particles can quickly reduce the energy efficiency and airflow of the unit. The evaporator in the Easy series washes away these harmful particles to keep the unit running at its peak efficiency.

Energy Savings Modes: The Easy Series will only run when you want it to with a 24-hour timer and sleep mode. Sleep mode reducing the noise that is produced while still supplying cool air to the room, without the noise normally produced from an air conditioner. With a steady stream of cool air, the Easy series system doesn't produce loud startup and shutdown noises.

Intelligent Airflow: Intelligent Airflow in the Easy Series helps to maintain the desired temperature without cold or warm pockets. This helps to eliminate costly on/off cycles and extreme swings in temperature with popular "energy saving modes". With a more evenly distributed cooling the Easy Series uses less energy while it constantly keeps you comfortable.
Haier Forward Series Air Conditioners

Haier Forward Series

The Forward series comes with both cooling and heating capabilities, providing year round comfort. The Forward series features SEER's of 16 and 17, depending on the desired BTU's. For cooling the BTU's range from 9,000 to 22,000 and 9,500 to 23,000 for heating.

DC Inverter Technology: The Forward series operates at lower sound levels while still providing more stable temperatures thanks to the compressor working at variable speeds. This allows for the Forward series to operate more efficiently.

Super Quiet: Inverter technology and a compact design keeps the Forward series running with extremely low amount of noise produced.

Room/Set Display: Easily see the set temperature from anywhere in the room with the bright LED front panel display.
Haier Novel Series Air Conditioners

Haier Novel Series

Haier's most energy efficient model with SEER's from 17 to 20 and BTU's for cool ranging from 8500 to 23,600 and for heating 9000 to 25,000.

DC Inverter Technology: Running at different speeds the compressor for the Novel series provides better energy efficiency and more stable temperature. This allows the compressor to run only at the speed necessary to deliver the desired temperature.

Activated Carbon Filter/ Multi-Stage Filters: Innovative filters that help provide a cleaner indoor space by reducing odors, particles and other impurities in the room.

Intelligent Airflow: Intelligent Air maintains the temperature in the room with a balance of cool and warm air. Room comfort isn't just about about getting the room as cold as possible, it's about properly maintaining that temperature. The Novel Series Intelligent Airflow does this while using less energy.
Haier Duo, Trio, Quatro Series Air Conditioners

Haier Duo, Trio, Quatro Series

The Duo, Trio, and Quatro are designed to work together and act as a system instead of individual units. Whether you have the Duo or the Quatro you'll only need one compressor, reducing the units footprint and energy usage. The Duo, Trio, and Quatro offer SEER's of 16 and BTU's of 16,500 to 33,500 depending on the number of units and cooling or heating.

Multi-Zone Comfort: Place a unit in the living room, kitchen, a bedroom, or wherever you'd like to keep things nice and cool, while having complete control over the temperature of each unit.

DC Inverter Technology: The compressor for the Duo, Trio, and Quatro series provides better energy efficiency with variable speeds. This allows the Forward series to operate at lower sound levels and a more stable temperature when compared to a single speed.

Self-Diagnostics: If a problem arises then the Number Series for Haier has you covered. The Self-Diagnostics feature provides Santoro Oil with easy and fast visibility and access to fix any situation.

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