Propane Tank Monitor

Propane appliances can vary greatly in terms of fuel consumption; fireplaces, pool heaters, space heaters, log sets, & generators have a high degree of variance in terms of propane usage. Installing a Propane Tank Monitor is a safe and effective solution so you no longer have to worry about running low or out of fuel.

Propane for Home Heating Rhode Island

Automatic Delivery for all applications

We are now offering, to all qualified customers, the convenience of automatic delivery when you have a Propane Tank Monitor installed. Your monitor will be programmed according to your daily usage and tank size so you can enjoy peace of mind.

Propane Tank Montior

Propane Monitor Features:

  • No tank leak-check fees
  • Convenient installation and setup
  • Annual fee includes warranty with a free replacement or battery upgrades, if and when needed
  • Uses cellular technology for signal
  • Propane Tank Montior

    Run Out Guarantee

    When you have a tank monitor we guarantee that you won't run out of propane. In the event that you do have a disruption in service we will provide the following services to rectify the issue:

  • Dispatch a Propane tech to service the issue
  • Perform a leak check on the entire system, to ensure nothing is wrong
  • Test and prime all appliances and equipment
  • In the event that we determine, a leak was not present and the monitor was not functioning properly. We will correct the monitor issue and credit the monitor fee for that year as a courtesy for the disruption in your service.
  • How to Read Your Delivery Ticket

    To better serve our customers we've created a sample delivery ticket with explanations. Click here to view the PDF (167kb) >>>

    Santoro Oil Sample Delivery Ticket

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