Save Big by Replacing Your Water Heater

Keep the Hot Water Flowing in Your Home

We offer high-efficiency water heaters fueled by your choice of oil or propane

Save Big with a New Water Heater

Water heating accounts for about 15% of a typical home's energy use, so you can take a big bite out of your energy budget by upgrading to a more efficient system. If you are running out of hot water too quickly or your water heater is more than 7 years old, give Santoro Oil a call and we'll evaluate your current system and explain your options.

If you heat your home by a boiler, you have a choice in your replacement water heater: a direct, oil-fired heater or an indirect water heater that utilizes the boiler for water heating and stores heated water in a tank. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy recommends an indirect system or a combined heat/hot water system as the most efficient choice.

Homes that heat by furnace generally do not have the option of indirect water heating or a combined system and instead use a standalone, oil-fired appliance.

Weil-McLain® high efficiency indirect fired water heaters


Reliable hot water can be supplied from the boiler all year round with a Weil-McLain® or Amtrol indirect fired water heater. Indirect water heaters do not have a separate fuel supply, such as a gas pilot light, but rather use the hot water generated by a boiler to heat domestic water.

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