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Home Heating Oil Delivery Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts

Home Heating Oil for Rhode Island & SE Massachusetts

Santoro Oil has become the premier Oilheat dealer in Rhode Island and South Eastern Massachusetts by delivering the highest quality fuel, along with a full array of helpful services. Our Heating Oil Plus is treated with additives for superior performance and cleanliness. Customers can choose automatic delivery, a budget plan, and price protection and get discounts for prompt payment. With Santoro Oil, your access to supply is assured because we operate our own newly upgraded modern storage facility.

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Propane Delivery in RI & SE MA

Propane Delivery in Rhode Island & SE Massachusetts

Propane is a versatile fuel that can meet many of your home energy needs. It can be used indoors for central heating, hot water, fireplace inserts, room heaters, and clothes drying. Outdoors, propane fuel grills, outdoor fireplaces, swimming pool heaters, and hot tubs. It's less expensive to use than electricity, and one tank of propane can serve several pieces of equipment.

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Marine Diesel for Coastal Rhode Island

Marine Diesel for Coastal Rhode Island

We provide dockside delivery 6 days a week, including commercial site deliveries. Santoro Oil Company is proud to offer STAR 1 Marine Diesel from our Narragansett branch office, NORM'S Fuel Company. STAR 1 offers superior cleaning power, stability enhancement, corrosion protection and more!

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Kerosene Delivery Rhode Island

Kerosene Delivery for Rhode Island & SE Massachusetts

Santoro Oil supplies kerosene for heating and hot water equipment. Kerosene is used for many different needs, such as heating mobile homes and trailers. It is particularly well suited to outdoor storage because it resists "gelling up" and usually remains available to the heating system even on the coldest nights.

How to Read Your Delivery Ticket

To better serve our customers we've created a sample delivery ticket with explanations. Click here to view the PDF (167kb) >>>

Santoro Oil Sample Delivery Ticket

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