Tank Monitoring

Know how much fuel is in your tanks.

Santoro Oil offers a comprehensive tank monitoring program that allows you know exactly how much fuel is in your skid tank(s), when the tank gets a delivery and to set up alerts when your tank(s) reach a level determined by you.

Cellular Fleet Monitoring

Cellular Monitoring

Mounted on the outside of your skid tank(s) our cellular monitoring technology allows shows how much fuel is left in the tank, shows when deliveries are made, and when fuel is taken out.

The cellular monitor is mounted outside any of your skid tanks and is weather and water resistant with a IP68 rating, this device is entirely waterproof! We can mount this device on your above or below ground tanks while maintaining a cellular connection over GSM cellular network. With a five year battery life even with daily report you can trust that you'll know how much fuel is in your tank every single day!

Fleet Tank Levels

Tank Levels

Enjoy up to the minute tank readings with our tank monitoring system. Using a small transmitter, Santoro Oil and your fleet manager will be able to know exactly how much fuel is in each of your tanks.

Tank Monitoring Features:

  • Configurable scheduled report intervals.
  • Configurable warning and critical alarm thresholds for low and high tank levels.
  • Configurable fill and decompression event thresholds.
  • Configurable dial scaling type (horizontal, vertical, large bulk tank dials, duel oils, CO2, etc).
  • Cellular system information and signal strength indication.
  • Current ambient air temperature.
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